A little angry puppy! but it's so cute that I wasn't scared at all!!
  • 29.11.2023
  • 844

It's so cute, I love it, it's actually very cute

German Shepherd Meets Puppies for the First Time
  • 29.11.2023
  • 215

It's amazing how they all have such different personalities from birth. One said: "I'll hide behind this pillow, maybe dad won't notice me.

German Shepherd and Puppy Playing On Couch
  • 29.11.2023
  • 33

A respectable dog treats the little puppy nicely

Tiny Newborn Puppy Becomes A Wild Man | The Dodo Little But Fierce
  • 28.11.2023
  • 341

The boy talking about how the puppy opened its eyes and the fact he sounded so happy I can’t that’s too wholesome.

An incredible meeting of two Chihuahua puppies!
  • 28.11.2023
  • 334

An incredible meeting of two Chihuahua puppies!

Premature Chihuahua Puppy Loves to Grow at His Favorite Toy | Dodo Small But Fierce
  • 19.11.2023
  • 1110

What a miraculous story! You are amazing Stuart, we love you!!! Special thanks to your stepmom! Keeping that little creature alive was a monumental task!!!

First care of the little puppy (Chihuahua Care)
  • 19.10.2023
  • 2974

Chihuahuas are so cute when they don't growl and foam at the mouth when you pick them up, hahaha. This one was definitely well educated and very sweet.

Cute Chihuahua Dogs Having Fun in the Swimming Pool
  • 13.10.2023
  • 952

Chihuahuas have the most beautiful little faces in the world. Those big loving and meaningful eyes are looking right into your heart.

Labrador Compilation - Cute and Funny #7
  • 09.10.2023
  • 1189

Oh what a precious baby. This is a very nice video, thank you very much for this enjoyable viewing.

What Does a German Shepherd Dog Do When She Sees Me Sleeping?
  • 07.10.2023
  • 2463

Dogs can tell when their human family is actually sleeping by the sound of their breathing patterns. He was very patient as he went around in circles a few times, that was his game! laugh out loud

How to Keep Your Shih Tzu's Teeth Healthy and Clean?
  • 03.10.2023
  • 1144

What do you think about shih tzu dental care?

German Shepherd Dog Was Attacked by Cute Little Kittens
  • 29.09.2023
  • 1372

I love how the kittens approach it with a mixture of admiration and cute! Rocky is very kind and gentle towards them. He's such a good kid.❤

Puppies first meal of puppy food | 4 week old Mini dachshunds
  • 17.09.2023
  • 868

OMG 😱 They are so incredibly cute!! I love how that little girl cleans up around herself 😍 Her mother still keeps an eye on them when she hears her screams. Very sweet

Dogs Tested to See If They Can Defend Their Owners During a Home Invasion
  • 17.09.2023
  • 2334

It was so sweet to see both little dogs barking and chasing the invader away while trying to protect their owner despite their size.

Golden Retriever was shocked to see the cat taking over her bed!
  • 16.09.2023
  • 1082

It's funny, he asks politely and starts a tantrum but still avoids throwing the little boy out.😍😂

80 Seconds of a Precious Maltese Puppy's Bath
  • 15.09.2023
  • 1431

She sleeps after I take a bath :) She feels very relaxed even while doing grooming.

Sweet Chihuahua puppy - I love you
  • 13.09.2023
  • 2142

What a good mother. This puppy 🐶 knows he is loved.

My Dogs Have Fallen In Love With Our Baby | Full Story
  • 11.09.2023
  • 2085

This is so cute, especially the photo of Sienna in a purple outfit napping with a dog lying on it 😂

Golden Retriever Puppy Makes Baby Cry But Apologizes! (Cutest ever!!)
  • 11.09.2023
  • 3031

So cute. Blessed is the mother for letting the little boy heal on his own. And that dog is pure love.

Micro Mini Me! -Chihuahua
  • 10.09.2023
  • 36863

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. ♥️

Sleeping in My Dogs' Bed | Funny Dog Reaction
  • 06.09.2023
  • 940

So cute . I like how Tiger talks like it's a bad thing, while Leo just wants to relax with his mom. The tiger has grown so much that it is so fluffy and cute

A very small puppy (Toy Poodle) caring for the first time at 3 months old
  • 04.09.2023
  • 2291

She is so cute!!!! I love that he goes up the "stairs" and the sitter puts him in the yellow glass 😍. What a good little boy he is!

Your Chihuahua puppy sees other people playing with their toys.. you will never believe what happens next.
  • 02.09.2023
  • 1053

What a sweet cake! I love his little puppy sound. Ours is now getting an adult voice, but he's very small and apple-headed, so he still has a tiny voice and half-bark.

My New German Shepherd: First Week At Home
  • 01.09.2023
  • 873

Retrievers have a class of their own. Even when they're angry, they do it in style!

German Shepherd Puppy Barking
  • 31.08.2023
  • 2948

Haha that was so sweet. "Come to me brother. Come to me!" He then got scared and ran away. Very sweet

Golden Retriever Dad Meets His Puppies for the First Time
  • 29.08.2023
  • 1601

This is very nice!!! Very calm with babies. You could tell he knew they were his babies, he was very nice and didn't get too excited about them, but his tail is wagging! What a good dad!!!

LIVE - My Dogs Having Fun on the Beach
  • 29.08.2023
  • 593

Ayyyyyyyy FLUFFY Tiger, Leo and Nala ❤❤❤❤❤❤ they swim so well, ENJOY 💦💦💦💦💦💦 Yoshi hugs woo woo woo 🐾🐾🐾

The homeless Labrador mother tried to trick us but we found all her puppies!!!
  • 23.08.2023
  • 1139

What a beautiful story!!! And the dogs are adorable!! And the Rottweiler is such a kind, giant and playful big boy!! I love how animals in the world cheer me up! I'm an animal lover too! We really love you Hope for Paws!!! The puppies made me cry because they are SO CUTE!!!